Final Dry Run of Covid-19 Vaccine to be Conducted at 1,500 centres in UP Today

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Lucknow: The third and final dry run of the Covid-19 vaccine will be done across the state on Monday, days before the vaccination drive kicks off on January 16. The drive will be rehearsed at 1,500 centres across the state. The aim is to identify and rectify fault if any before the actual vaccination.

Instructions have been issued on behalf of Director General of Medical and Health Dr. DS Negi to all the Chief Medical Officers to make thorough preparations for the final dry run. There will be three rooms at each vaccination centre. The beneficiaries will be verified in the first room. In the second room there will be a practice of vaccinating the coronavirus. In the third room, there will be arrangements to make the beneficiaries sit in observation for half an hour.

District Magistrate Abhishek Prakash said that dry run will be conducted in Lucknow in 200 booths of 61 centres. Where as many as 1,500 employees have been deployed. In Lucknow, 20 thousand health workers will get vaccinated on the first day. A total of 60 thousand health workers have to be vaccinated in Lucknow. More than nine thousand health workers will be vaccinated in KGMU. The number of health workers working in Lohia Institute is at number two spot in Lucknow. The district magistrate said that the system of maintenance of the vaccine is also up to the mark.

The Chief Secretary RK Tiwari has said that the preparations regarding the vaccine at the government level have been completed. In the first phase, nine lakh healthcare workers will be vaccinated. In the first phase, the corona vaccine will be administered at 150 booths and three thousand sessions and in the second phase, 18 lakh frontline workers will be vaccinated. Frontline workers include police and municipal corporation people.

In the second phase, vaccines will be administered at three thousand booths and six thousand sessions and in the third phase about four crore people will be vaccinated. The third phase would see people above 50 getting the vaccine. Those suffering from incurable diseases will also get the vaccine in the third phase. The first two phases will end in two to three weeks. It will take about four weeks to complete the third phase.