Filmfare Awards 2018 Worst Dressed: Alia Bhatt, Sunny Leone, Vidya Balan disappoint us with their red carpet choices

Chandni Shah
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Filmfare Awards 2018 Worst Dressed: Alia Bhatt, Sunny Leone, Vidya Balan disappoint us with their red carpet choices

Check out the fashion blunders from Filmfare Awards 2018

The 63 Filmfare Awards was an evening to remember. With almost the entire industry stepping put to attend the gala night, we did expect a very similar outcome. Shining in their best of attires and making everyone go crazy, our B-town celebs had vowed to outdo each other in the department of fashion. But as they say, not everyone can be lucky all the time, there were few who disappointed us big time. As we had our fashion stunners making some mind-boggling appearances, there were few who failed to have any impact. Especially someone like Alia Bhatt, who’s otherwise an apt dresser when it comes to the red carpet! Even she made a fashion faux pas and we wished she could have avoided it. Joining her in the similar league last evening were celebs like Sunny Leone, Arjun Kapoor, Sonali Bendre and Vidya Balan. Without elaborating further, here’s how they all went wrong. Also Read: Filmfare Awards 2018 Best Dressed: Ranveer Singh, Athiya Shetty, Parineeti Chopra’s gorgeous outings impressed us

Alia Bhatt


Too many ruffles can kill the fun, right? Don’t think so? Well, have a look at Alia Bhatt. Her ruffled dress from the house of Monsoori was a big disappointment for us. Probably it’s the way she carried it that needs to be blamed.  Her hairdo and makeup made her look boring further.

Vidya Balan


Can someone please ask Vidya Balan to dress for the red carpet? She makes it look like any other random outing like every day. Opting for black is probably the safest bet you can play. But even a safe colour like black fails to make such a boring saree look stunning. Also Read: Filmfare Awards 2018: Irrfan Khan bags the Best Actor Award while Vidya Balan gets awarded as the Best Actress of the year

Sunny Leone


What was Sunny Leone even wearing? The off – shoulder embroidered dress fails to accentuate her hot bod. Sunny Leone too, is a celeb who likes to make some ravishing red carpet choices but guess she just had a bad day this time.

Arjun Kapoor


No, Arjun Kapoor, that’s not how it works! We agree wearing a tuxedo or a blazer isn’t a red carpet essential and there are lot many silhouettes that you can experiment with. But not something as weird as that. We applaud his attempt to try something new but unfortunately, he failed to have an impact.

Neha Dhupia


Not that we hate yellow but sadly it never excites us on the red carpet. Even Neha Dhupia couldn’t manage to nail it. The silhouette was too boring and there was something off about it. Probably the same outfit in a different bold colour would look sultry.

Sonali Bendre


Playing with too many colours can ruin the look. Learn it from Sonali Bendre and do not repeat the same mistake. The bizarre outfit doesn’t really compel us to say WOW! In fact, we loved her look for the evening but the attire ruined it.