Film 'Poonam' Wins Best Short Film, Best Actress and Best Actor Awards for 2020 at 7th Art Independent International Film Festival

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BANGALORE, India, Dec. 29, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Poonam, a social short maiden production by Shilpi's Voice & Visuals and Epicreel, has been named the Best Short Film in 2020 at the 7th Art Independent International Film Festival in addition to the protagonists Ms. Meeta Vasisht winning the Best Actress and Rajit Kapur winning the Best Actor awards in the same competition.

7th Art Independent International Film Festival is an international live screening film festival with an annual gala event envisaged to push the boundaries of filmmaking. Getting recognition for independent filmmakers in this world of the content boom is a challenge, which is why 7th AIIFF carefully considers and selects a wide range of films and present them to the indie film-loving crowd. 7th AIIFF showcases the art and power of storytelling worldwide and gather communities to share diverse cultures, viewpoints, and conversations. This year 'Poonam' took home the Best Short Film award along with Best Actress and Best Actor Awards.

About the Awards, producer Shilpi Das Chohan says, 'We are delighted by the recognition bestowed upon us by the jury of 7th AIIFF. It has strengthened our belief that the story has the scope to touch the chord. It's our very first production and we are humbled by the recognition that's pouring in. I profusely thank the jury to have chosen our film 'Poonam' as the best in the short film category.' Meeta Vasisht, the stalwart support of the cause who played the title role in the film said, 'Receiving this 'Best Actress' award for the film 'Poonam' fills me with immense joy and gratitude towards each and every person in the team. I share this joy, love and award with each one of you. Thank you from all of us to the jury of '7th Art Independent International Film Festival 2020'.' Executive producer, Anil Kumar P. said, 'More than the rest of the accolades that Poonam received in the past, these awards have pushed up our adrenaline and underlined the cause of the elderly that we have intended to showcase to the world. I thank 7th AIIFF for the same and it is a humbling experience for me, and as a first-time filmmaker, this is enough motivation to last a lifetime.' About Poonam Poonam is a simple and short story of two elders, who drifted away in the past, to fulfil social responsibilities. At an age when they were expected to be taken care of, they find themselves at a catch-22 crossroads, abandoned and alone. Quite relevant and prevalent in today's world when grown up children look to greener pastures and abandon their parents due to circumstances or pure neglect.

The objective of 'Poonam' is to spread the much needed awareness on what such elders go through and to ask their children to introspect and if possible, change the way, life goes on today.

About the Producers: Producer, Shilpi Das Chohan, after a decade of corporate experience and a few years of sabbatical, restarted as an entrepreneur and founded Shilpi's Voice and Visuals, a MarComm Agency that also organises various events for philanthropic causes. The neglected cause of eldercare inspired her, to use film as a medium to tell their story. Presently, in addition to practicing her art, she coaches aspiring voice artists, corporate executives, homemakers, story-tellers on developing their voice for an impactful delivery. Her temperament, logistical, organizational skills and perseverance, made 'Poonam' a realistic possibility. Her 'never let go' attitude was critical to making the film.

Executive Producer, Anil Kumar P is an experienced and renowned techno-marketer, film buff with interests in art, social challenges and antiques as well as fast cars. He came on board to help and organize the production in addition to providing the much-needed aesthetic touches. The technological skills along with his aesthetic sense came forth by being the post production controller. He is the Chief Marketing officer at Precipio Technologies Private Limited (brand: Epicreel).

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