This Filipino Couple Braves Tropical Typhoon, Wades through Flood Water to Tie Knots

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As the adage ‘marriages are made in heaven’ stands true to its testament, a brave young couple from the Philippines proved it right.

The young couple in love were so determined to get married that not even a tropical typhoon could stop them from tying the knot. The couple braving all odds waded through flooded rivers and muddy waters to reach the church on their special day. Now photographs of the couple dressed in their wedding finery, along with the guests, trying to reach the church are going viral online.

Earlier this week, Ronil Guillipa and Jeziel Masuela, who hail from the remote Mabinay, Negros Oriental area in Philippines, didn’t want to postpone their wedding amid heavy rainfall and choppy weather before tropical Typhoon Quinta made a landfall.

The young couple was photographed wading through flood waters to make it to their wedding ceremony with their clothes folded but were undeterred by the inclement weather. They were not alone as their relatives and guests too braved high waters to witness the couple exchange vows, the Philippine Star reported.

The unusual wedding ceremony, which took place on October 23, shows the young couple crossing the Luyang River, which was flooded at that time due to heavy downpour. One of the bride’s relatives, Josephine Sabanal shared the couple’s photos on Facebook.

According to CNN Philippines, Sabanal said that the wedding ceremony started late, and the guests had to stay inside the church for a while because of the heavy rains.

The groom told local 24 Oras that he was initially scared because he thought his bride would not be interested to go ahead with the ceremony due to the rising flood situation. However, he was relieved as the bride chose her love for the groom over the flood.

Several parts of the Philippines have experienced heavy rains due to the landfall of Typhoon Quinta, which later developed into a severe storm by Sunday.