Fighting Diabetes never got easier! Here are some ace ways for you

Exercising & yoga, eating clean and using olive oil as a cooking medium leads to a Diabetes-free life

From the nine to five daily run, meeting every day deadlines without fail, buying the best apartment in the city to fulfilling every demand of your loved ones – the grind is real and it only gets tougher…
In this life of hectic schedules and running around, do we really give proper care to ourselves and our body?
According to a recent study, approximately 98 million people in India may have Type 2 diabetes by 2030. Shocking, indeed!

Type 2 Diabetes is when the body cannot use insulin effectively to bring glucose into your cells. This causes the body to rely on alternative energy sources in your tissues, muscles & organs.

It might not be known but, Diabetes is often referred to as a ‘silent killer’, because, sometimes there are no symptoms of it at all before the big bad ‘D’ makes a grand entry into our lives…
Therefore, it’s imperative to keep a check on our bodies and keep Diabetes as far away as possible. Not only does Diabetes create havoc in the body – but it also leads to various other issues like Cardiovascular implications, serious skin conditions, kidney, and nerve damage and greatly affects one’s vision, too.

So, here’s a set of to-do’s we need to do towards living a life without Diabetes:
Exercising on a regular basis, eating clean with greens, fruits, nuts, olive oil and much more, practicing Yoga is THE way to get on the path to being the fittest… and, this lies solely in our hands!

One of the most important ways to keep Diabetes off-limits is by exercise and Yoga.
A good walk or jog (at least 3 KMS) in the park everyday is a sure-shot way to keep Diabetes away or even a great way to curb it from hitting the roof!
Cycling is another form of exercise that is a must, to stay away from the danger of Diabetes. A ride of 20-30 minutes should do your system good and leave your body and mind fresh!
Heard of Zumba? You sure must have… it’s the latest and most preferred form of workout that all generations are giving in to – it’s all about moving a leg, arm, waist… actually the whole body and dancing to your favourite tracks!

Not a fan of heavy lifting and weight lifting? Well, it’s not too late!
One of the best workouts to let Diabetes not knock your door is picking up some dumbbells! Weightlifting not only helps to reduce weight but also builds immunity and stamina, improves the body’s response to insulin and decreases the risk of heart attacks.

As we lay maximum emphasis on exercises there’s something as important – everyday eating!
What we eat is what we are… so what should we really be consuming?

Definitely not sweets, carbs, and fried food but eating green and leafy vegetables, eggs, fish, turmeric is crucial. What’s also more important is, how these foods packed with goodness are cooked. For Diabetes, the finest oil to consume is olive oil. Why?
Olive Oil contains antioxidants that help to improve insulin resistance. The use of olive oil also helps to bring down cholesterol and blood pressure levels which in turn ensures a decreased risk of obtaining Diabetes.
There is no other medium of cooking that should be used to avoid or control Diabetes! Figaro’s Olive Oil is not only the most widely used but also said to give the best taste to foods while cooking and is highly recommended for Diabetic people and those with high sugar levels.
With cooking healthy – using natural and fresh ingredients prepared in olive oil, what holds value is living a balanced and chalked out lifestyle. Sleeping early, having a workout regime, taking out time for oneself and loved ones is a must – this goes without saying!

– An art of relaxing the body, soul, and mind through a group of physical, mental and spiritual practices has come to us from ancient India and is a proven way to let the whole body immerse in positivity and healing. It’s said that, Yoga can help to cure Diabetes and get rid of other complexities. ‘Asanas’ in Yoga help to balance the functioning of the endocrinal system and betters the working of abdominal organs like the pancreas and liver. Yoga also helps in stimulating the nervous system which further helps in controlling Diabetes. Breathing technique known as ‘Kapal Bhati Pranayam’ and ‘Shavasana’ are two most important ‘asanas’ to practice for healthy living - This helps the body to go in a full relaxation mode and recuperate, eliminating the root of all problems.

It’s no surprise that, in today’s day & age, it’s difficult to keep up with a work-life balance, but taking out time for health should be the main focus of one’s life. So, this World Diabetes Day, it’s time we follow some good practices to live the life we truly deserve – without illnesses, without Diabetes and completely free… #No2Diabetes