Fighting Coronavirus: These Technologies Help You Stay Safe And Healthy At Workplaces

Over the last few months, the biggest of companies in India had resorted to ‘work from home’ to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. While it was a viable contingency plan, it can’t go on forever, especially since the economy is in dire need of revival.

It is critical for companies to invest in contactless technologies required for workplace safety in the post-pandemic age. 

With the country entering the ‘unlock’ phase of the lockdown, workplaces are stepping up their safety measures to ensure their employees are safe and protected, while at work. Most workplaces have introduced customary sanitisation of office spaces before shifts, and staggered break timings.

Social distancing and other safety measures will now be a norm in office environments. For this, it is critical for companies to invest in contactless technologies required for workplace safety in the post-pandemic age. 


·        Milagrow imap 9.0

Gurgaon-based Milagrow Humantech has introduced a floor disinfecting robot called imap9 that can sanitise floors without manual help in hotels, museums, hospitals or offices. The company claims that the robot -guided by LIDAR and SLAM technology- can move around without falling, and can avoid obstructions while planning its own path.

Its patented Real Time Terrain Recognition Technology helps the robot to decide the most effective route and cleaning method. This means that it scans at 3600, six times per second, thereby making a floor map in real-time with an accuracy of upto 8mm, over a 16m distance. Thuss it sanitises effectively in the very first go, unlike other robots that can take twice or thrice the time.

·        Zesta Wall-Mounted Automatic Thermometer 

For the foreseeable future, workplaces have been mandated to scan the temperature of their employees, before the latter enters the premises. But, is it possible for a person to do this manually? After all, it isn’t the safest bet for them too!

Zesta’s Wall-Mounted Automatic Thermometer can be installed at the entrance, so people can scan themselves with ease, without the fear of physical contact. It takes only one second to scan the temperature. The firm maintains that the device comes with a colour code alarm, and ensures fast and accurate detection.
This thermometer can be set up in offices, schools, hospitals, malls and other public areas.

·        Candor TechSpace Contactless Sanitizer Dispenser

With the government allowing offices to function with 33% workforce, companies are looking at creating innovative solutions to ensure a safe environment for employees. Hand sanitizers with at least 60% alcohol are recommended by experts to avoid the spread of infection and maintain hygiene. But most hand sanitisers need the user to touch/squeeze it manually, which may destroy the purpose.

Candor TechSpace, managed by Brookfield Properties, has come up with a contactless sanitiser dispenser for hand-free sanitisation. According to the company, this can also be used to sanitise passenger vehicles and elevators.   

·        Asimov Robotics

Kochi-based startup Asimov Robotics has developed a robot - KARMIbot - that can serve food and drugs to patients in isolation wards, to ease pressure on the medical staff. The three-wheeled robot can carry food, medical and clinical consumables, and can navigate around in hospitals. They also stream videos about social distancing and steps to be taken to prevent spread of the virus. According to the company, KARMIbot can help reduce pressure on social insurance experts and ensure their protection from infection.

 ·        Magneto Central Air Cleaner

Another innovative solution to fight the COVID-19 pandemic is Magneto Cleantech’s Central Air Cleaner, which is co-powered by Filterless Magnetic Air Purification (FMAP) and Ultraviolet (UVGI) technology. This cleaner utilises the ‘Trap and Kill’ process that combines with UV-C rays that decontaminate the indoor air, by killing over 90% of airborne virus and infections.  


 (Edited by Athira Nair)


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