Fight over cat leaves five Australians wounded

Indo Asian News Service

London, Nov 30 (IANS) A neighbourhood brawl in Australia over the ownership of a cat left five people wounded and forced police to draw their guns to break up three warring households, a media report said Friday.

Police told the Telegraph the clash in the rural town of Gympie, north of Brisbane, Queensland, was over a cat and left two people with severe cuts from a machete.

"It was one house versus two houses... an incident that boiled over. One group came armed with machetes, hammers and a steering wheel lock. It's such a basic neighbourly dispute. There are other avenues to sort these things out," a police official said.

Police received emergency calls and arrived on the scene to find several people injured and a man walking towards them armed with a machete. Police drew their guns and tasers and brought the clash to an end.

Two men were arrested, while four men and a woman were taken to hospital.