FIFA World Cup: Life-size cut-out of Mexican fan goes viral

Rajdeep Saha

FIFA World Cup: Life-size cut-out of Mexican fan goes viral

21 Jun 2018: FIFA World Cup: Life-size cut-out of Mexican fan goes viral

FIFA World Cups give us a lot of fascinating stories off the field and crazy fans make the tournament even more exciting. 2018 edition is no different.

After a small town in Russia went gung-ho about Messi, now a group of Mexican fans has become the talk of the event.

These fans are carrying a life-size cut-out of their friend while traveling.

Here's why.

Bizarre: Life-size cardboard cut-out accompanies this fan group

A group of Mexican friends had been planning, since four years, to travel to Russia.

Unfortunately, one of them (Javier) decided to pull out because his wife did not allow him to travel.

His friends did not let this bother them and instead got a life-size cardboard cut-out of him.

Since then, Javier has been travelling in cardboard form all around with his friends.

Ride: The bus ride is gaining attention all around

The story of this group, called Ingue Su Matrushka, has attracted wide spread attention on social media.

These friends have made a bunch of fans all over since their epic journey started.

They got a school bus and refurbished it with bunk beds, television and art which represents Mexican culture.

They shipped the bus from Mexico to Portugal before making a move.

Party time: What's Javier's life-size board been up to?

The cut-out of Javier has been up to some crazy times in Russia.

It has been seen seated on the driver's seat in the bus, besides drinking beer, partying and posing with fans.

When this group of fans arrived in Moscow, a small crowd greeted them.

The cut-out has captured imaginations and broadcasters, too, have covered the news, displaying the cut-out on air.