Few ways in which you can make eco-friendly travel decisions

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Few ways in which you can make eco-friendly travel decisions
Few ways in which you can make eco-friendly travel decisions

16 Jul 2021: Few ways in which you can make eco-friendly travel decisions

Given that global warming and climate change are already happening, it's important to choose environmental-friendly and sustainable ways of living. However, this lifestyle should not be restricted to our homes solely but should be a criterion before deciding to travel and visit new places as well. Here are a few easy ways to make sure that your travel is not hurting the environment.

Digital copies: Ditch the file! Carry a digital copy of travel documents

Gone are the days when you were required to carry a file containing all the hard copies of all your travel-related documents. Paper and paper waste are contributors to deforestation, soil erosion, and floods, and so are a huge environmental concern. Instead, make an eco-friendly decision and take updated digital copies of your visa, tickets, boarding passes, and other travel documents that you require.

Bags and bottles: Take your own water bottles, straws, re-usable bags for shopping

Visiting new places would ideally mean bringing back home souvenirs and other prized possessions. For this purpose, pack some reusable shopping bags, thus totally avoiding plastic covers. Ditch single-use plastic bottles and containers by carrying your own refillable water bottles and straws. Plastic takes up to 500 years to degrade and conscious decisions like these can have a huge impact on nature.

Energy use: Switch off lights and AC when not in use

While you may be tempted to leave all the switches and appliances on, because you're paying for it, make the eco-friendly decision of turning appliances off when not in use. Always remember to switch off lights, ACs, geysers, and TVs before leaving hotel rooms. This is not a tip just for sustainable traveling, but also one that should be inculcated in daily lives too.

Transport: Travel by shared transport, opt for cycling or/and walking

Instead of traveling alone in a car, choose public transport or share a ride. You can also opt for cycling or/and walking tours, two great methods to explore a place. This way, you are reducing the number of vehicles on the road, which means lower fuel emissions and carbon footprints that in turn is a huge factor in improving the quality of air.

Food: Engage in portion control, reduce food waste during travel

A huge part of traveling involves discovering places and indulging in new tastes and cuisines. But a survey by the United Nations shows that tons of food gets wasted across the world due to tourism. This obviously has a negative impact on climate, land, water, and biodiversity. Engage in portion control while trying out a new dish and avoid food wastage while eating out.

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