Few tips to achieve the right look on Zoom meetings

Meera Venugopal
·2-min read

21 Feb 2021: Few tips to achieve the right look on Zoom meetings

Dressing waist up and learning to apply just about the right amount of makeup, in a minute, has become the latest necessity.

Balancing the right look for virtual meetings is tricky because you can neither go all out nor can you look like you're just out of bed.

Here are some easy tips to achieve the right look for your next Zoom work meeting.

Cleanse: Cleanse your face for a fresh look, apply toner evenly

Whether it's heavy party makeup or mellow Zoom looks, every beauty tutorial will have cleansing as the first step.

Use a face wash and cleanse thoroughly with a liquid cleanser even if you have been home-bound for eons.

Cleansing not only removes pollutants but also gets rid of excess oil and sebum, which our skin produces naturally.

Apply a toner evenly after cleansing.

Tips: Conceal the dark spots, followed by BB or CC cream

Applying a concealer will instantly cover the dark spots on your face.

You don't need an elaborate foundation for a Zoom call as chances are that if the lighting is too bright, you could look baked.

Opt for a BB cream for a natural look or a CC cream for a more even finish.

Follow this up with a warm tone on your cheek.

Highlight: Highlight either your eyes or your lips, not both

Remember how you go lavish with mascara and lipstick on your ladies' day out? Don't do that here.

For eye makeup, apply minimal eyeliner, natural-colored shadow, and finish with a dollop of mascara.

Apply a nude lip shade to complete the look.

Otherwise, go for a dark lip color, leaving the eye with a simple mascara finish.

Brush your brows in both cases.

Lighting: Any look can backfire if the lighting is not right

Lighting is very important when it comes to virtual meetings and can make you appear washed out or blinding bright.

Sit in a well-lit room, devoid of any shadows or invest in LED lights that you can attach to your phone or laptop.

If you are facing problems with the lighting, then, sit in a spot that offers ample natural lighting.