Few mistakes to avoid while on a weight loss mission

Meera Venugopal
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Few mistakes to avoid while on a weight loss mission
Few mistakes to avoid while on a weight loss mission

28 Mar 2021: Few mistakes to avoid while on a weight loss mission

Shedding those extra kilos is a never-ending mission, for most of us.

We try, give up, only to challenge ourselves and start it all over again.

Most of the times, the main reason why our weight doesn't budge, in spite of the effort, is due to a few activities, which eventually cause adverse effects.

Read on to know what they are.

Liquid diet: Following a liquid diet makes your body devoid of fiber

People often misunderstand that reducing the consumption of solid foods and switching to a liquid diet will miraculously help them shed weight.

This is a myth because a liquid diet is devoid of fiber and proteins, which our body needs to function properly.

Following a liquid diet once a week helps with cleansing. However, doing it every day is detrimental to health.

Binging: Overeating healthy foods is actually not the way to go

Overeating healthy foods can cause weight gain and not the opposite.

Nutrient-rich foods such as nuts, avocado or hummus can shoot up your daily calorie intake.

Using an app that can help you track your calories is a great way to avoid this issue.

Jotting down all your food intake regularly will cut down this kind of a binging.

Skipping meals: Skipping meals does not aid in weight loss

One of the most common mistakes that people make while trying to lose weight is skipping meals to create a calorie deficit.

However, staying hungry for long hours may eventually lead you to overeat to satiate the hunger.

Healthy, nutrient-rich meals are required to give you energy and stop you from binging.

Your diet should be an equal balance of proteins, fibers and nutrients.

Cardio: No-no! Relying on cardio alone by not lifting weights

Cardio workouts are the best way to lose weight.

However, relying on cardio alone to do the magic without lifting weights, is one of the most common mistakes that people make.

Resistance training either by lifting weights or through bodyweight exercises not only helps in building muscle, it also tones the body and increases the metabolism, thereby contributing to losing those extra kilos.