Few easy lip scrubs you can make at home

Meera Venugopal
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Few easy lip scrubs you can make at home
Few easy lip scrubs you can make at home

14 Mar 2021: Few easy lip scrubs you can make at home

Most of us would know a few tips and tricks to keep chapped lips away.

But what we tend to overlook at most times is exfoliating the lips.

Just like scrubbing dead skin from our body is important, regularly scrubbing our lips should be done, too, for a soft pout.

Here are a few easy lip scrubs that you can easily make at home.

Coffee scrub: Coffee and honey scrub: Leave this on for 5 minutes

The caffeine present in coffee helps rejuvenate the lips and leaves them looking supple and healthy.

Mix one tablespoon of coffee powder with a tablespoon of organic honey.

You can also substitute honey with olive oil.

Apply this mixture to your lips and gently massage them in a circular motion.

Leave the coffee scrub on for about five minutes before washing it off.

Cinnamon scrub: Miracle ingredient cinnamon mixed with honey and olive oil

Cinnamon is your miracle ingredient for instant plump lips.

Make a scrub by mixing equal proportions of cinnamon, honey, and olive oil.

Gently scrub your lips and leave the scrub on for a few minutes before washing it off.

If you dislike the strong after-taste of cinnamon on your lips, dabbing on some lip balm will help you get rid of the flavor.

Lemon scrub: Get supple and soft lips instantly with lemon-sugar scrub

Lemon is a natural bleaching agent and a scrub containing this is an instant exfoliator when your lips feel dry and dull.

Mix two tablespoons of sugar with some petroleum jelly.

To this, add about one tablespoon of lemon juice.

Scrub your lips with this and leave it on for five minutes before washing.

You will be left with instantly supple and soft lips.

Orange: Orange-sugar scrub: Excellent home remedy for treating discolored lips

Orange peel is an excellent home remedy for treating discolored lips.

Grind about two tablespoons of dried orange peel.

Mix it with two tablespoons of sugar and about ten drops of almond or olive oil.

Massage your lips with the scrub and leave it on for a minute before washing it off.

Apply this scrub twice or thrice a week to remove discoloration.