This festival celebrating India's artistic tradition is now in Delhi

The Serendipity Arts Festival was a success in Goa last year, and now the Capital is getting a peek into it.

Held last year in Goa's capital city, the first ever edition of the Serendipity Arts Festival brought in all things creative under one roof over the course of eight days. The majority of us in Delhi-NCR might have missed the interdisciplinary arts festival in its full glory but, thanks to the organisers, we now have the opportunity to take a peek at the festival in the comfort of the Capital itself.

"Given that it was our first edition," says Smriti Rajgarhia, director of Serendipity Arts Trust, "we got an extremely positive response to the festival in Goa, as well as the small section of it that is going on in Delhi. The festival was our first step towards creating a sustainable platform and space for different forms of art to interact with each other."

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There are three ongoing exhibitions at the Delhi edition right now. Rajgarhia says, "Each of the three exhibitions being displayed are unique. The craft project, curated by Jyotindra Jain and Manjari Nirula, showcases individual craft works from different parts of India. 'Express/Aspire', put together by Samar Jodha, is an exhibition of photographs shot by children from the Auxilliam School in Goa. These are children who have never held a camera before in their lives.

'Chakraview' is a design installation, entirely curated by Rajshri Pathy and designed by Sumant Jayakrishnan. This was not shown at the festival last year, but was part of the London Design Biennale, and holds a unique position in the design space."

Next up for the organisers is the 2017 edition of the festival which will be held in Goa. "Along with this," adds Rajgarhia, "the Trust is also working on longer-term projects revolving around the arts, the first being a residency that will be launched in Delhi in May."

-Serendipity Arts Festival is on at Bikaner House, India Gate