Ferrari and motorbike family in morning accident

Taking his Ferrari 458 sports car out for a spin turned into a costly morning for one Penang salesman, and a traumatic experience for a family of three, yesterday.

At 11:15am, the supercar’s windscreen was shattered, and a headlight broken after a family of three riding on a motorbike collided with the vehicle.

Injuries were sustained by the two adults on the motorbike, while their child who was also reportedly riding with them, escaped the situation unharmed.

Photos at the scene show both bodies on the ground, covered in blood; however, The Star is reporting that the traumas were minor.

Police report that a 37-year-old man was driving the bike, with his 31-year old wife and three-year-old son riding pillion, when they moved into the outside lane where it collided with the Ferrari near the Jalan Song Ban Kheng flyover.

Authorities are investigating the incident.

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