Female genital mutilation should be by choice for adults, says Dawoodi Bohra community head

Religious leader of Dawoodi Bohra community Syedna Taher Fakruddin said that there should not be any compulsion on enforcing religious practices.

Syedna Taher Fakruddin, religious leader of the Dawoodi Bohra community, has said that the decision of female genital mutilation should be left to the woman only after she becomes an adult.

Fakruddin said that there should not be any compulsion on enforcing religious practices.



  1. "As a practice, we have condemned it (female genital mutilation)", he said. "While the Sharia law has a provision for female genital mutilation, it should not be performed on a woman until she becomes an adult. We should adhere to the law of the land. This law can be made together with the law of the land. Any surgical procedure should be carried out after she becomes an adult and only if she agrees to it. Sharia says it is for the betterment for women. If she chooses, she can go for it. Why would I impose any decision on them?"
  2. Calling triple talaq a complex issue, Fakruddin said, "I hope it gets resolved soon. Rights of a woman should be considered on priority. Other people can't take disadvantage of these rights. They should be fair to both men and women", he said.
  3. Fakruddin hoped that he would win the suit against the other section of the community in the Bombay High Court. "I am 100 per cent confident that we will win. We are speaking the truth. The truth will prevail. We have full faith in the Indian courts."
  4. He rejected the idea of reconciling differences with the other section of the community. "It is a dispute between right and wrong. Question of reconciling of right with the wrong does not arise. I hope the community will not remain divided", Fakruddin said.
  5. Reiterating his plan to work for the betterment of the community, Fakruddin said, "Truth cannot be compromised and compassion has no boundaries. I will continue to work to get justice, fairness and goodwill for everyone", he said.


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