Female Beer? Women on Twitter Call it a Bad ‘Marketing Gimmick’

Ever since the talk of female beer took over Twitter, both men and women have been debating since when has liquor started having genders?

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Posted by Ardor 29 Brewpub & Terrace on  Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Available only at this particular pub, this beer seems to have created a fair amount of chatter on social media. Perhaps a great marketing gimmick for the pub, eh?

Pub owner Suveet Kalra told HuffPost India that women ‘don’t generally like bitter beer’.

"“Regular beer is usually bitter because of the hops. Women don’t generally like that. So we created a drink that’s like women. The female beer is sweet and smooth, like women. Even the shape of its glass is like that (of women). But women can be potent if you mess with them. So this is also quite potent.”"

Women started tweeting about this new addition to their alcoholic diet with absolute shock. Here are some of the tweets.

When a food blogger tweeted about the fact that alcohol doesn't need to have a gender, she actually got a response from the pub.

The response ended up comparing all kinds of hard liquor from across the world with their offering. They said that if wine in France can be considered to be a fairly ‘feminine’ drink then why can’t their beer be?

This response further aggravated the already tense situation. People still couldn’t believe the need for such a beer when women were happily drinking everything that was already available.

When drinks for men have not been gendered, then why gender it for women?

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