Federal budget deficit worries double in two years among Americans, finds poll

Washington, Jan. 15 (ANI): Worries about the federal budget deficit have doubled during the past two years in the US, a new poll has found.

According to the Gallup Poll, one fifth of Americans named the deficit as a top concern and 18 percent named dissatisfaction with government, placing them second and third, facing the United States.

The poll found that the economy in general was the top issue at 21 percent, Politico reports.

Concern over the deficit, in particular, has spiked recently, jumping from 13 percent in December to 20 percent in January.

In the wake of the mass shooting at a Newtown, Connecticut elementary school, the number of Americans listing gun control as a top concern remained the same at 4 percent.

The number of Americans who said that unemployment or the economy was their top concern has been cut nearly in half over the past two years, as worries about the federal deficit and government dysfunction take over, the report added. (ANI)