Federal Alliance calls for nationwide strike, hits normal life

In protest to the killing of four people in Saptari District recently, the Federal Alliance has called for a nationwide strike in Nepal, which has affected the daily life in Kathmandu.The number of public vehicles decreased in the capital, compelling people to travel in the overcrowded vehicles or walk on foot. Minding the security of Kathmandu, the government has deployed security officials in the various parts of the city. Security forces arrested dozens of Madheshis and leaders of Federal Alliance from various locations of the capital and from various parts of the country. The strike has crippled the life in the southern plains of Nepal. The Federal Alliance, which called for the nationwide strike, has demanded for legal investigation into the incident of Saptari District where four people died due to police firing. It is reported that the protestors were seeking martyrdom status for the deceased, compensation to the families of deceased and free treatment for the injured ones.