'Fear the Walking Dead' recap: Madison gets some dam water!

George Back
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

On Fear the Walking Dead, Strand, Madison, and Walker took the sewer route to the dam. And after dealing with a few zombie-clogged pipes, they met up with their old pal, Daniel.

After learning that Ofelia was alive, Daniel introduced the three to Lola. Madison tried to negotiate for some water in exchange for guns, but Lola said, “I’m sorry for your troubles, but we have no water to spare.”

Lola literally had an entire lake of water, but she didn’t want to give water to strangers from America while the local people were still having trouble accessing the precious liquid.

Realizing the deal was crumbling, Walker was livid with Madison’s previous decision to use the water money to free Strand. He told Strand, “There’s not enough water for both sides, and my side comes first.”

Walker left to kick the settlers off the ranch. Worried about her kids, Madison decided to try and beat Walker back. But Strand surprised her by blowing up one of the water tankers.

Between Strand’s actions and Daniel’s words, Lola was paranoid that the explosion was caused by the local villagers. So she agreed to trade water for weapons and Ofelia.

Madison and Strand took a tanker back to the ranch and picked up Walker on the way.

Fear the Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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