'Fear the Walking Dead' recap: Alicia becomes a killing machine!

Kylie Mar
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On Fear the Walking Dead, Alicia Clark (Alycia Debnam-Carey) was forced to go through a major transformation into adulthood as she attempted to save the survivors seeking refuge in an underground shelter. Alicia’s only option was to euthanize those who have been bitten in order to decrease the amount of carbon dioxide as Ofelia Salazar (Mercedes Masohn) and Crazy Dog (Justin Rain) worked to unblock the air vent, which was not allowing any oxygen into the airtight pantry.

One by one, those who had been bitten stepped forward, and Alicia was heavily tasked with injecting each person with morphine, then stabbing them once they fell asleep. Understandably, it was a lot to bear. And as hard as Alicia tried to save them all, ultimately she couldn’t save them from the carbon dioxide poisoning taking over … and also a survivor who hid the fact that she was bitten. 

As Alicia started to lose consciousness herself, she suddenly saw movement and discovered that it was a walker feeding on the rest of the passed-out survivors. Alicia managed to kill the walker, but it was too late. As Alicia slowly began to pass out, more walkers began to rise.

Eventually, Ofelia and Dog unblocked the air vents, and as oxygen began to seep back into the pantry, Alicia awoke to walkers surrounding her and instantly kicked into beast mode. One by one, she killed every walker around her until, suddenly, Madison stormed in to rescue her daughter.

In the end, Alicia found out about Jake’s death and realized that she’s tired of running and ultimately decided to embark on her own solo mission. Without fear.

Fear the Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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