Fear Of Not Getting Work! Neha Dhupia Reveals Why She Hid Her Pregnancy For So Long

Swikriti Srivastava

Neha Dhupia took all her fans by surprise when she got hitched to Angad Bedi without any hullaballoo. But soon after their wedding, the pregnancy rumours started floating and after a couple of months, Neha was seen sporting a baby bump. But before her baby bump was visible, she never accepted that she's pregnant and in an interview to a leading daily, she revealed why she hid the big news from media!

Neha Was Worried She Will Stop Getting Work

In an interview with Mid Day, Neha revealed, "I was worried people would stop offering work. It was a good thing my bump wasn't showing till the sixth month because appearances matter here, and one might be assumed to be unfit for a job."

She Further Added..

"Fortunately, my energy levels are high. It's not that I am against women who decide to take those months off. It's my choice," added Neha.

Neha On How She Sees Angad As A Father

"He is the best dad-in-the-making but I am worried what will happen when he and the baby will gang up on me."

Just Like Neha, Angad Has Been Always All Praises For Neha

Not so long he was quoted as saying "I feel very proud when I see her do so well. She has done some great work in cinema and made a name for her. She is an accomplished woman and I treasure it because she gives me a great perspective of life.

She has kept her relationship with people intact. It's easier said than done but to be a liked person by all is not easy. And Neha does it so effortlessly."

Angad Bedi and Neha Dhupia got married on 10th of May this year.

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