FBI chief expected to testify in Russia hearing

Indo Asian News Service

Washington, March 11 (IANS) FBI Director James Comey is expected to testify on Russian interference in the US Presidential election, a senior official said.

Comey will testify before the House Intelligence Committee on March 20, Greg Brower, assistant director for the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Office of Congressional Affairs, told The Hill magazine.

However, it remains unclear whether Comey will appear during the public component or in a closed-door session.

Brower cautioned that the director would be unable to provide many new details about the bureau's assessment of Russian interference on the 2016 Presidential election.

The intelligence community in December released a declassified version of its assessment that Russia attempted to intervene in the US election specifically for the purpose of helping President Donald Trump win the White House.

Democrats, who have seen the classified version, have long hinted that if the public could see what they saw, there would be little doubt as to the level of Russia's involvement.

The March 20 hearing comes as the top Democrat on the committee, Representative Adam Schiff, accused Comey of withholding information from lawmakers.