FB Live: A Walk With Mohd Dilawar, the ‘Save the Sparrow’ Champion

On World Sparrow Day, we talk to the man who first designated 20 March to the oft-forgotten bird, seven years ago.

How does an entire species of a bird so closely knit to humans, slowly disappear and we don’t even blink an eye?

20 March is celebrated as World Sparrow Day, thanks to the efforts of Mohammed Esmail Dilawar, a Nashik based ornithologist who has spent thirteen years in conserving the House Sparrow or Passer Domesticus. He is the Founder and President of the NGO Nature Forever Society, that first launched 20 March as World Sparrow Day in 2010 as an international initiative, in collaboration with Eco-Sys Action Foundation (France) and numerous other national and international organisations across the world.

“There are more tiger wallahs than tigers in India.”, he says with a laugh when asked about why he chose to dedicate his efforts to the seemingly ubiquitous bird. “There is too little an effort into conserving the common flora and fauna. Conservation here is only threatened or tiger-centric, whereas in conservation you need to save everything from an ant to an elephant.”

Watch The Quint’s Facebook live to know about the oft-forgotten, friendly neighbourhood bird; the effect that rapid urbanisation has had on it, what that indicates for the health of city lives’ and cheap, easy steps you can take this summer to slowly nurse the sparrow population back to health.

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