With faulty policies of BJP govt, inflation has broken people's back: Akhilesh Yadav

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Lucknow, Mar 25 (PTI) Alleging that people are in trouble due to the policies of the BJP government, Samajwadi Party President Akhilesh Yadav on Thursday said that inflation has broken their back and the public is now thinking of getting rid of the saffron party's misrule.

'The common man in the country is a harried lot and is in trouble due to the faulty policies of the BJP government (at the Centre). While inflation has broken their back, there are no employment opportunities. Markets have not yet recovered from the recession. Every section of the society is troubled. Surrounded by apprehensions of the future, people are now thinking of getting rid of the BJP misrule and are awaiting polls,' Akhilesh said in statement issued here.

'The festival of Holi is approaching but price rise has faded the enthusiasm of the people. Edible oil, ghee, nuts, everything is out of reach of the general public. It is said that since December, almost everything is being sold 25 per cent costlier. Due to heavy adulteration in the food items that are being sold in the market, people will be sick due to poisoning. The BJP government has nothing to do with this and, it is giving open freedom of loot. This is what the BJP calls an opportunity in a disaster,' he said.

On the farmers, he said, 'The farmers are staging a peaceful sit-in demanding the minimum support price (MSP) to be given and to revoke farm laws. The BJP government is not ready to listen to them. More than 250 farmers have sacrificed themselves in the movement. The BJP has not even spoken two words of condolences for them so far.' 'The farmers fear that the new agri laws will lead to large industrial houses dominating their farming and they will be forced to become agricultural labourers instead of farm owners,' he said.

By running 'mehngai express' (price rise express), the Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister has added to the existing woes of the people and this should be counted as part of his 4-years achievements, Yadav further said. PTI ABN HDA