Father nose best: Dad dons a paper clip to make fun of daughter's nose ring

Photo: Twitter/@m_ariakh

Maria Huff got her nose pierced a week ago, and her dad is so disapproving, he has resorted to mocking her.

“My dad won’t stop making fun of my nose ring :-/,” the 18-year-old tweeted Thursday, along with photos of her and her new accessory, and her dad, Chris, sporting a … paper clip.

When Maria texted him a selfie, pursing her lips to the side to show off the jewel, her dad responded with a pic in the same vein in which he’s making the same face but with a twisted-up paper clip dangling from his nose, proving that while everything is online these days, there’s still use for old-fashioned office supplies. Clearly he wasn’t ready to commit to a thumbtack.

“For the most part he’s kept his comments to himself because I know he hates it,” Maria tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “But it wouldn’t be him if he didn’t make a joke!” She adds, “He did mention if I attached a chain connecting it to my earring he would ‘yank my chain.’”

While this is definitely unique dad behavior, it’s the norm for Chris. “Oh, he’s the goofiest guy. My dad is like my best friend,” Maria gushes. “But he doesn’t make fun of style that often because he doesn’t really understand it. For example, he once asked me if ‘mascara goes on your cheeks.’” No wonder he thought a paper clip was an appropriate piece of jewelry.

She shared more photos showing Chris’s clueless yet silly side, including one in which he refers to a beauty blender as a Muppet nose.

(Photo: Maria Huff)
(Photo: Maria Huff)
(Photo: Maria Huff)
(Photo: Maria Huff)

But maybe he’s not clueless after all. In fact, he could be ahead of the curve. Tiffany did release a $1,500 18K gold paper clip in 2015. Maybe he’s putting it to good use. Even celebrities dig the office supply style; Janelle Monae once rocked a hairdo dotted with safety pins.

When it comes to fashion, maybe this father knows (or should we say “nose”?) best.

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