Father’s Day special: 5 of the coolest on-screen dads who’ve graced Bollywood

Mehfooz Abbasi
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Father’s Day special: 5 of the coolest on-screen dads who’ve graced Bollywood

This one's to the best on-screen dads we have seen over the years!

The relationship of a Father’s relationship with their children is perhaps one of the most complicated ones. A lot of things are left unsaid between this dynamic. As art in motion, films have had to encapsulate this dynamic plenty of times. Sometimes negatively, sometimes positively, and sometimes stylishly. In the Bollywood film industry, fathers have taken plenty of different forms in their movies, and even *literally* different forms. From negative, overbearing influences like Bhairav Singh in Udaan, to the happy-go-lucky Pops in DDLJ, Bollywood has had an elaborate range. So, on this occasion of Father’s Day, we take a look at the coolest, most positive influences on-screen fathers have had on their children in our favourite movies.

In no particular sequence, here are five of them:

Amitabh Bachchan – Waqt


Amitabh Bachchan has played an array of different fathers in his Bollywood career. From traditional and stern to Ishwarchand Thakur in Waqt. Rich and gracious, he gives his son (Akshay Kumar) every amenity in life. Which in turn bites him back. But Ishwarchand has a plan of his own to rectify his mistakes, and although it was with a heavy heart, he does succeed in fixing his son. ALSO READ: Actress Ayesha Takia SLAMS reports of having gone under the knife

Shah Rukh Khan – Kuch Kuch Hota Hai


The young-at-heart dad, Rahul was so cool, he actually wore a chain which spelled ‘Cool.’ The man appears on her favourite show to announce how much he loved his daughter, has a train and truck adventure to reach his daughter in camp just because she sneezed on the phone; and calls her under-age daughter sexy. Not only that, he actually follows his old flame to give his daughter a mother, that she long yearned for.

Amitabh Bachchan – Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna


Amitabh Bachchan features yet again, and rightfully so. Reminding everyone that the party doesn’t stop even as you grow older. The snazziest dresser, Sam Talwar doesn’t let his widowhood get in the way of being a playboy and womanizer, as he dances and parties his way through his 60s, Sexy Sam is a far cry from your run of the mill dadaji.

Anupam Kher – DDLJ

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The first time when the term ‘pops’ was introduced to the Indian community, Anupam Kher made sure it stuck. A dad who’s so cool that he drinks beer with his son, gifts him a car, and sends him on a sabbatical to Europe upon failing his exams. Pops could by far be the coolest modern day father to have graced Bollywood.

Kamal Hassan – Chachi 420


Was there even a doubt? A man who cross-dresses as a woman to be hired as a housemaid just to breathe around his daughter defintely makes the list. In the film you’ll find Jaiprakash Paswan doubling as Laxmi Godbole who cross-dresses as a middle-aged woman who does house chores, dances like Michael Jackson, and fights thugs all in a saree, to defy his ex-wife who wouldn’t legally let him see his daughter. ALSO READ: WHAT? Shah Rukh Khan was not the first choice for Jab Harry Met Sejal?