Father And Daughter Charged With Incest After Neighbor Catches Them Having Sex

The Florida father and his 19-year old daughter was caught by neighbors having sex in their backyard.


A Florida father and his teenage daughter have each been charged with one count of felony incest after a neighbor told authorities he saw the pair having sex in their backyard.

According to reports, authorities were called to the Bunn home Friday (March 2) where 39-year-old Justin Bunn and his biological 19-year-old daughter Taylor reportedly told law enforcement their sexual encounter was a one-time affair.

At the time of this post, both father and daughter remain in custody with the Panama City police and it’s unclear if either have retained an attorney.

Incest charges across the state result in varying punishments, however in Florida whoever knowingly marries or has sexual intercourse with a person to whom he or she “is related by lineal consanguinity” can receive up to five years jail time and be ordered to pay a fine.

While incest is a stomach turning concept for many, the incident with Justin Bunn and his daughter Taylor isn’t an isolated one. Just last month, People reports a 42-year-old North Carolina man was charged with incest and adultery for allegedly having a child with his 20 year old biological daughter. Reportedly, Steven Padl gave up Katie Padl for adoption and then reentered her life two years ago.

Steven was released after posting $1 million bond, Katie however remained in jail and is awaiting extradition back to Virginia where the relationship occurred.

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