'Fate is Like Rape, If You Can’t Resist it, Enjoy it': Kerala MP's Wife Kicks up Row, Apologises Later

Thiruvananthapuram: Kerala MP Hibi Eden’s wife sparked a controversy with a Facebook post in which she likened rape to 'fate' and said that if one can’t resist it, they might as well enjoy it. The comment drew the ire of several social media users, following which Anna Linda Eden pulled the post from her Facebook account on Tuesday morning.

The post captioned — “Fate is like rape, if you can’t resist it, then try to enjoy it” — carried two short-length video clips of her child being rescued from their inundated home following the heavy downpour in Kochi on Monday and another of Hibi enjoying a sizzler.

The Congress MP had won from the Ernakulam constituency, the party’s stronghold in Kerala, in his maiden contest in the Lok Sabha polls this year. Kochi had been flooded by a heavy bout of north-east monsoon showers on Monday, throwing traffic in a state of disarray.

Anna took to social media on the same day and posted a few videos with visuals of their flooded home. The controversial video was the last one in the series.

The post led to outrage among netizens who then lashed back at Anna’s inappropriate remark. Neither Anna nor Hibi have issued a reaction.

Anna later apologised for the bizarre comment saying that she did not mean to glorify rape. “I always strive to empathise the hardships and pain of people as the wife of a people’s representative. I deeply regret as the post got misconstrued,” Anna said in a post on her Facebook, adding that her words were not meant to defame women.