Anna Nicole Smith's adorable daughter Dannielynn really wants you to follow her on Instagram

Suzy Byrne
Editor, Yahoo Entertainment

There’s no question that Anna Nicole Smith had her problems, but the model also had a playful spirit. That spirit shines brightly in her daughter, Dannielynn Birkhead, a new video shows.

The 11-year-old kid, rocking her braces, hit up Kentucky Kingdom water park in Louisville, Ky., with her dad, photographer Larry Birkhead, on Father’s Day (they live in the Bluegrass State), and when she wasn’t plunging into the water like a cormorant, she answered her dad’s annoying questions — in typical tween style.

The exchange went something like this:

Larry: “Do you think I’m the best father?”

Dannielynn: “No.”

Larry: “A good father?”

Dannielynn: “No.”

Larry: “A good cook?”

Dannielynn: No answer. She dives under water.

Larry: “Tell me all the good things you like about me for Father’s Day.”

Dannielynn (pulling at his neck) : “Fat roll.”

Larry : “What else do you like? Tell me some nice things about me for Father’s Day.”

Dannielynn: “Let’s make it opposites. You have horrible hair. You have fat rolls. Your style is really bad. And your feet are nasty.”

Larry:  “It’s Father’s Day, be nice.”

Dannielynn: “It’s not. Not in this world.”

The video ended on a sweet note — with selfies and a positive message. Dannielynn emerged from the water to say, “Happy Father’s Day,” with some silly hand gestures and a big smile. She also plugged the Instagram account she and Larry have, saying, “Follow me on Instagram or I’ll snatch yo’ weave.” That sounds serious, so you may want to follow.

At 11, Dannielynn is already an expert at trolling her dad. (Image: Larry Birkhead via Twitter)

The video also showed a magazine cover of the pair’s first Father’s Day together — in 2007. That was just months after Anna Nicole had died from an overdose, and Larry won a paternity battle with Anna Nicole’s boyfriend/lawyer Howard K. Stern. Talk about dramatic beginnings.

These days, Dannielynn lives a relatively low-key life with the photog in Kentucky. But they typically make one public appearance a year — at the derby. The kiddo shows signs of following in mom’s footsteps — she has appeared in a Guess campaign for the brand’s kids line.

Dannielynn and Larry at Churchill Downs on May 5, 2018 — Derby Day — in Louisville, Ky. (Photo: Getty Images)

Last year, Larry talked about his only child to Entertainment Tonight, saying, “She’s a good kid and we laugh and have the best times and she wears me out. I’m going on amusement park roller coasters doing 200-foot drops holding on to her and she says, ‘I told you the last time, do not hold on to me!’ Sometimes you just have to say, ‘I gotta let you go and become your own person.’ You can only do so much. Sometimes I’m amazed by the way she handles things.”

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