Fast and furious: Speeding car collides with multiple vehicles; injures 5 in Haryana

A speeding car was caught on CCTV hitting a car and a motorcycle, and injuring 5 people in Haryana.

"A high-speed Honda City car first hit two bicycle riders on the road and then crashed into a stationary car parked on the roadside. The car then hit a bike rider and driver fled from the spot," Bansi Lal, an eye witness.

According to him, three or four people who were on board the car left the vehicle and escaped from the spot.

After reaching the spot the police took the car into their possession.

"We had received information that a high-speed car has hit some people. We reached the spot to find that the car driver had escaped from the spot. The car is in our possession and the accused is being searched. We found a hookah in the car indicating that the driver may be in a drunken state," said Inspector Mehar Lal.

Watch the video:

An investigation is underway.

While accidents are unfortunately not a rare occurrence, another rather shocking incident was captured on video last year in late November.

A woman was killed and four others were injured when a car rammed a divider and fell off a flyover in Hyderabad.

The car which had been travelling at a high speed was occupied only by the driver. Travelling on the flyover at Biodiversity Junction and it went out of control and crashed into the divider.

The woman, who was standing on the road along with some others under the flyover, was killed and three other people suffered injuries. The driver was treated for injuries in the hospital.

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(With inputs from agencies)