This Fast Food Delivery Robot Coming to Your Doors Soon

Starship, the robot ‘uses a combination of localisation & computer vision’ to deliver within a range of 5 km.

This is world’s first autonomous delivery robot, produced by the former Skype founder. Starship roamed the streets of Austin during the city's SXSW festival. This 6-wheeled robot delivers fast food, groceries and small packages within the range of 5 km in 5-30 minutes.

Starship Technologies' Head of Operations Justin Hoffmann explained that the robot ‘uses a combination of localisation and computer vision’ in addition to ‘proprietary mapping systems so that when it enters a new city, it will map the entire environment and know exactly what it is to the nearest inch’.

It could also ‘empower small businesses and offer unparalleled level of convenience to consumers across the world’. Its operational in over 60 cities in 5 different countries.

Video Editor : Mohd Ibrahim