Fashionista Foram Baraiya: Style defines your real self

Press Release

Fashion Influencer and a fashion icon to many, Forum Baraiya has become a name to remember in a short span. The young fashionista who took up dressing well and being presentable as a hobby is now influencing thousands of people out there.

As a child, Forum would never appreciate repeating the same dress. And her liking for fashion took it's shape since her childhood days. Forum realised this hobby can be serious when her friends started taking fashion tips from her. And in a short span of 20 months, Forum has already collaborated with 500+ brands and proved her menace as a potential influencer.

 Talking about her fashion journey she adds, "It makes me feel great when I make a difference in others lives. Fashion and Style are two major parts of our personalities and how we carry ourselves. Being comfortable while experimenting our limits and possibilities is a perfect style statement. Above all, self satisfaction is of major importance."