What Fashionista Ambika Anand Would Wear if She were PeeCee

Priyanka is naturally a simple dresser. She has always been more focused on the things she does and where she is going. Once you have made it to the cover of Time magazine’s edition of the world’s most influential people, what you wear is simply incidental.

So if I were her, I’d do what I always wanted to: which is to wear this – a bodycon sheer dress to party the night away.

Neckline too plunging ? No problemo. She, unlike me, is marrying out of the Punjabi Circuit so doing the ‘pairi padna’ which is basically endlessly touching feet is not going to be part of the evening’s choreography! No tedious bling. Just rocks on her fingers and ears would also be great with all those people she needs to hug all evening.

Make up and hair wise, I would have the crew on standby. My signature red mouth and hair down, ready for an instant up-do once things start happening on the dance floor.

But then on the other hand, whether it’s for fans, trolls or just because “LA main chance hee kahaaan milta hai), PeeCee loves to do the traditional saree when in India. My saree pick would be one of buddy Manish Malhotra's sheers like this one that Jacqueline wore, ideally in gold.

But then no one would see my abs – so then what I really should do is grab a lehenga and net top sans the dupatta – after all, why should only the star bachchas have all the fun.

As Priyanka enters a new phase of life with one of the world’s most famous singers/songwriters, Nick Jonas, she will look fabulous – because end of the day she is a girl in love, standing in front of a boy-asking him to love her! Yes, that’s a quote from the film Notting Hill, but it is true. Sigh...that’s it folks, I’m signing off as Priyanka Chopra!

(The author is the host of the hit TV show Band Baaja Bride and currently lifestyle editor at NDTV)

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