How #FartGate dominated Twitter trends and continues to remain a hot topic of debate in the US

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On Tuesday night, #FartGate dominated trends on Twitter over an alleged moment of flatulence . During a live interview on news channel MSNBC's Hardball show, host Chris Matthews was discussing the latest developments in the on-going impeachment hearing with US representative Eric Swalwell when a strange sound, that sounded a lot like a fart shifted viewers' attention.

Even though there was no reaction from the US representative or the host, the clip was uploaded on Twitter within few minutes.

Soon the video clip went viral and the incident turned into a meme-fest on the micro-blogging site.

Many users also thanked #FartGate for bringing uniting people who are otherwise divided due to the on-going impeachment hearings against US president Donald Trump.

While many debated on whether or not they heard a fart while few posted "proof" of their claims.

Amidst the debate, the show's official handle tweeted claiming that the sound came from a mug being scraped across a desk.

However, Twitter was in no mood to buy the theory as one user said, " Of all the sounds on Earth, it was the least like a mug on a desk."

A journalist from BuzzFeed, sent Swalwell a DM to ask for comment, and tweeted his response of denial.

The debate didn't just limit itself on Twitter but found its way to the talk shows. Hosts in the US and UK reacted to the incident with these reenactments:

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