Farmers' tractor rally takes ugly turn in Delhi; Congress slams Centre over inefficiency | Top news

Top headlines of the day:
1. Kisan rally descends into anarchy, hooligans replace the symbol of pride at the top of Red Fort with a saffron flag. The protestors attacked cops and mayhem has unleashed in Delhi, on account of the farmers' tractor rally in Delhi.

2. Dramatic confrontation between the Delhi Police and the farmers at the border points of the National Capital. Protestors break barricades and overturned trucks, protestors in the garb of farmers also pelted stone at the police officers.

3. Kisan agitation takes an ugly turn in the National Capital. Guns and swords are being used to paste the posters of Khalistanis. Protestors show complete disregard for the terms of the agreement.

4. While the protestors continue to vandalize Delhi and its public property, Congress has slammed the Centre over its inefficiency and miss management of the violence.

5. Congress' Assam charge calls the desecration a historic moment. Ripin Bora was confronted by Times Now and he changed his tune, condemns violence after backlash.

6. BJP has compared the Red Fort siege to Capitol Hill violence in the US, two weeks ago. BJP has slammed mobocracy in the name of the right to protest and has termed it a blot on democracy.

7. Prior to the utter chaos in the National Capital, India celebrated its 72 Republic Day. Rajpath decked up as India's military might was in a showcase.