Farmers refuse to back down; will conduct truck march as a sign of Protests

The Farmers of India will be organising a truck rally as a sign of protests against the farm laws. These farmers have been gathered on the outskirts of the National capital for a total of 43 days now. Farmers have announced in the press conference that they will be holding protests on the 26th of January and will block all borders.

An attempt to put more pressure on the government and to show they will not shortstop in their journey to get the farm laws repealed. Farmers have only promised an uproar in their protests if their demands aren't heeded to. We would like to suggest our audience to be careful if they plan to travel around the Kundli, Manesar and Palwal express because of the ongoing protests.

Police have put barricades around borders to ensure public security. The farmers, however, claim that they can surpass the barricades in a total of five minutes and will not back down because the Government fails to listen to their demands.