Farmers' protest intensifies: Prriest's suicide sparks massive faceoff

As the farmers' agitation enters day 22, a shocking case of suicide death took place at the Delhi border.

A 65-year-old Gurdwara priest from Haryana, Baba Ram Singh, shot himself as a sacrifice for the farmers to express anger and pain against the government's injustice. He had joined the farmers' protest at the Delhi-Sonipat border at Kundli and in a note, he stated that he feels the pain of farmers fighting to ensure their rights and shares it because the government is not doing justice to them.

This incident has stirred a massive face-off and the blamegame over the suicide has also erupted.

"We got information that Sant Ram Singh of Karnal committed suicide by shooting himself. He was taken to Panipat hospital, where he died.", said Virendra Singh, DSP (Head Quarter), Sonipat.