How do farmers explain fear of MSP regime ending? | Times Now-i Report

It has been over 20 days since the labourers, commuters are facing troubles after the protesting farmers blocked the roads. TimesNowi talked to the farmers present at a protest site and asked them their biggest fear. While speaking to Padmaja Joshi, the farmers said that they feel that after a few months, the Centre will roll back the MSP and that would cripple the farmers. Farmers also say that in the beginning, the corporates will offer them a good price but as the time will pass a farmer will become the slave of the corporates. They also feel, that after the farmers start selling to the private sector, APMCs will be left with nothing and the people there will be out of work. During the discussion, Times Nowi found that, the farmers that they will be exploited by the corporates and will not be given the promised amount. Several talks have taken place between the farmer organisations and the govt but all for nothing. Farmers suggest that even they do not want to protest under such harsh weather but they have no option.

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