Farmers don't know what they want, says BJP's Hema Malini

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Farmers don
Farmers don

13 Jan 2021: Farmers don't know what they want, says BJP's Hema Malini

Veteran actor and politician Hema Malini has said that the farmers who are protesting against the new agricultural laws do not know what they want.

She added that these protests are being held with "vested interests" of people who have misinformed farmers about the laws.

The comments from Bharatiya Janata Party's MP have been criticized by Opposition parties.

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Context: Farmers protesting for months over new laws

In September last year, the central government had passed three farm laws promising better opportunities to farmers to earn higher wages.

However, the laws met with criticism from farmers across the country, who feel that they would lose control over their produce to big corporations once the laws are implemented.

Thousands of farmers have been protesting at Delhi's borders for months now.

Decision: Supreme Court recently stayed the laws

The Supreme Court of India on Tuesday stayed the implementation of the contentious agricultural laws.

The top court stated, "These are matters of life and death...We are concerned with the lives and property of people affected by the agitation (sic)."

Even as the farmers have welcomed the court's decision, they rejected the idea of forming a "pro-government" committee.

Details: Malini feels farmers are being misguided and influenced

Talking to ANI, Malini said, "Farmers are not willing to come to a consensus even after so many talks."

"They don't even know what they want and what is the problem with the farm laws. This means that they are doing this because someone asked them to do it (sic)."

However, she has welcomed the SC's decision saying that it will "calm the situation."

Fact: Meanwhile, Dharmendra has supported the farmers

Earlier, veteran actor Dharmendra, who is married to Malini, had supported the farmers' cause and tweeted, "I am extremely in pain to see the suffering of my farmer brothers. The government should do something fast (sic)."

Details: She also criticized farmers for vandalizing towers

The BJP MP also criticized protesting farmers for vandalizing public property.

She stated, "Punjab has suffered a lot of losses. It was not nice to see them (farmers) vandalize towers. The government has called them for talks repeatedly but they don't even have an agenda (sic)."

She further warned that the coronavirus pandemic is not over yet and hence they should avoid large gatherings.

Fact: Her comments invited backlash from the Opposition

Malini's statement has invited criticism from the Opposition parties. The Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) tweeted a picture of the actor-politician and wrote: "The only farmer who does not understand the problem with the farm laws (sic)."

Fact: Here is the tweet by AAP

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