Farmer Unions: ‘Internet suspension & barricading does not create a conducive environment’

Amidst the massive Kisan Andolan, protesting farmer unions have rejected the Centre's talk offer. The farmer unions stated that internet suspension, barricading, and installation of barbed wires around the protest site does not create a conducive atmosphere for talks.

The uproar was witnessed in the parliament yesterday by the opposition. Opposition leaders had visited the farmers and border areas as well. The farmers will continue their protest at the borders of the National Capital. The dynamics between the government and the farmers have changed. Farmer protests in India have been a massive topic of discussion in the political spectrum of the country. It has not only gained national coverage but international coverage as well. Famous Hollywood Singer Rihanna too backed the farmer agitation by Tweeting ‘Why are we not talking about this’. It has gained a lot of political discourse in the country. The pop singer shared a tweet regarding the farmer crisis. Watch the video to know more!