'Farm laws not religious scriptures that cannot be changed': Farooq Abdullah

National Conference (NC) leader Farooq Abdullah urged Centre to hold a dialogue with agitating farmers and reach a solution. Abdullah said the new farm laws are not religious scriptures that changes cannot be made. The National Conference was speaking during the discussion on motion of thanks to President’s address. “I just want to make this request on the ongoing farmers' issue. It is not a 'Khudai kitaab' (religious scripture) that we cannot make changes. If they (farmers) want it to be scrapped, why can't you talk to them. I would request you with folded hands let us not stand on prestige, this is our nation. If we belong to this nation let us respect everybody in this nation,” he said. Abdullah added, “Ram belongs to all of us, the way Quran is not just ours (Muslims’). We are in the opposition, but we sit here to guide you, correct you.”