Faridkot royal's daughters win Rs 20K cr battle

CHANDIGARH: THE prize of over 20 years of wait has come in the form of a Rs 20,000- crore bonanza for the daughters of former Maharaja of Faridkot, Sir Harinder Singh Brar.

Declaring that the 1982 will of the Maharaja was forged, a court has granted inheritance of assets and properties worth Rs 20,000 crore to his two daughters.

Brar's eldest daughter, Amrit Kaur, had challenged the will that had entitled a trust as the caretaker of the estates and assets, including Faridkot House in Delhi and a palace and a fort in Punjab.

Chief Judicial Magistrate Rajnish K. Sharma on Thursday declared that the will was forged and fabricated, making Amrit and her sister Deepinder heir to the properties under the Hindu Succession Act.

The Maharaja's family's advocate, Vikas Jain, said as the will forged on July 1, 1982, was declared void by the court, the ' Meharwal Khewaji Trust' has also become illegal.

Of the Maharaja's three daughters, Amrit resides in Sector 10, Chandigarh; Deepinder in Kolkata; while Maheepinder died a few years ago in Shimla.

At the time when the will was forged, the Maharaja was depressed as his only son, Tikka Harmohinder Singh Brar, had died.

On June 1, 1982, the servants in connivance with lawyers had executed the will, while the Maharajas family including his wife and mother (then alive) were kept in the dark.

After the purported will came to light in 1989 following the death of the erstwhile ruler, Amrit filed a suit challenging the will in 1992.

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