Far-right Dutch lawmaker says Islam 'dangerous, totalitarian ideology'

Sydney, Feb. 20 (ANI): A far-right politician in the Netherlands, Geert Wilders has called the Prophet Mohammad a murderer and used Anzac soldiers as an example of the courage needed to speak out against Islam.

Speaking in Melbourne at his first Australian press conference amid tight security, Wilders said the Prophet Mohammad was a savage leader of a gang of robbers that raped and murdered and mutilated its opponents, including the Jews in 7th century Medina and violence had carried on to Islam's modern day supporters.

Wilders during the hour-long speech to members of the ultra-conservative local group the Q Society of Australia said that anyone who criticized Islam 'is in grave personal danger' and 'we cannot continue to accept this'.

He said that European countries such as the Netherlands are 'in the process of losing their cultural identity and freedom', adding that he was warning Australia about the true nature of Islam.

He added that it's not a religion, it's a dangerous and totalitarian ideology.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, nearly 50 police, some on horseback, protected Wilders while giving the controversial speech.

Protest organiser Feiyi Zhang said that 'they were here to show that they will not stand for Wilders' racism and Islamophobia'.

She said his speech could incite violence against Muslims 'and general fear of Islam'.

Protester Nadia Shamsuddin, a doctor and a Muslim, said she was 'repulsed' by Wilders' visit and views, adding that his promotion of oppression and racism is appalling in the civilised world.

Her husband Raj Rao said that 'Wilders has accused Islam of promoting hatred and violence, adding that the message of the Qu'ran was of peace and submission to God.

The crowd met Wilders' speech with standing ovations, laughter at his jokes and applause. (ANI)