FAQ: Is Delhi-NCR Border Still Sealed? Can I Cross Without a Pass?

Some economic activities may have resumed in Delhi-NCR during the Lockdown 4.0, but the borders are not fully open – leaving the traffic snarling and ensuring chaos near the borders.

Here’s what we know about border sealing, who is allowed to enter, and how one can travel between cities in the National Capital Region.

Read on.

Are Delhi’s borders with NCR cities still closed?

Delhi's border with Noida, Gurugram and Faridabad remains closed for anyone except essential workers.

However, the Delhi-Ghaziabad border is now open for private vehicles, even for travel by non-essential workers.

Why Is the Delhi-Ghaziabad border open but not Delhi-Noida? Both Ghaziabad and Noida are in UP.

The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) issued a circular on 18 May saying that inter-district and inter-state travel can be allowed at the discretion of state governments. Following this, the Uttar Pradesh government said that while inter-state travel is not being allowed, people can travel from Noida and Ghaziabad to Delhi.

However, it also added that the final call on which borders will open, is to be taken by the local district magistrate, after evaluating the conditions in their district. While the Ghaziabad DM has allowed travel to and from Delhi, the DM for Noida (technically the district is Gautam Buddh Nagar) has not.

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What about the Ghaziabad-Noida border? Is that allowed for inter-district travel?

Yes, inter-district travel in allowed in Uttar Pradesh. The Gautam Buddh Nagar administration has clarified that the status quo will be maintained for now.

Who is allowed to cross the Delhi-NCR borders? Who is not allowed?

At the Gurugram and Faridabad borders with Delhi, only doctors, nurses and those engaged in paramedical activities are allowed entry, as Haryana has imposed strict controls.

The Noida administration has mandated that doctors, other healthcare professionals, sanitation workers and vehicles carrying fruits/vegetables can cross the border without a pass (as long as they can show they fit within these categories). Media personnel are also allowed into the city, but they need to have an approved pass.

Anyone else will need a pass to cross the borders between Delhi, and Gurugram, Faridabad and Noida.

How can I apply for a travel pass?

You can either contact the District Magistrate’s office or apply for an e-pass online at serviceonline.gov.in/epass.

You can also apply for an e-pass at mygov.in/covid-19.

It is advisable to avoid applying for e-passes on multiple portals.

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I live in Gurugram and have to travel to Noida for work. Can I get one e-pass?

You will need two different sets of passes, issued by the different authorities. This is because you will need a pass to enter Delhi from Gurugram and then you will need another pass to enter Noida from Delhi.

I have a train to catch from New Delhi Railway Station and I live in Noida. Do I need a pass to cross the border?

Earlier this month, the Railway Ministry said that those who have valid train tickets will be allowed to cross districts to enter the nearest railway station, even without passes.

Should passes be applied for individually?

Not necessarily. While you can apply for a pass yourself, if you are working at a company, the company can get passes for its employees, by contacting the DM’s office directly or applying for them online.

When are the borders likely to be opened fully?

There is no information about this yet. Watch this space for more updates.

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