Fans Are Trolling Kylie Jenner for Yet Another "Photoshop Fail"

Mehera Bonner
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Photo credit: Getty Images
Photo credit: Getty Images

From Harper's BAZAAR

At this point Kylie Jenner can't post one single photo on Instagram without her followers flooding the comments and accusing her of the #1 Insta faux pas: a ~photoshop fail~. While some of Kylie's posts are undeniably edited to the point where walls are literally bending, sometimes she just can't catch a break.

The Kardashians' resident billionaire just dropped a series of photos of herself lounging on her couch in a white NW jumpsuit and full hair/makeup, and people are taking issue with the second slide—specifically when it comes to Kylie's finger, which appears to kinda-sorta-maybe be filtered.

According to Cosmopolitan UK, comments ranged from, "I think that finger looks Photoshopped" to "Photoshop as always" to "Why are you so smooth?" to "This finger looks strange."

I mean... the photo is obviously filtered but I wouldn't call it a fail, per se. Especially compared to Kim Kardashian's recent finger-related photoshop blunder, where she straight up had an extra digit lurking in her hair.

And compared to Kylie's recent bikini pic, which was called out for being obviously edited thanks to a literal bend in the ground:

Le yikes. AN-Y-WAY, moving on: if you're into Kylie's white bodysuit, go ahead and shop it here!

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