Fans Get Cracking as Roger Federer Opens Up #TrainingFromHome Challenge

After announcing his grave disappointment at Wimbledon being called off due to the coronavirus pandemic, Roger Federer decided to get innovative, in his own true style, with training methods during isolation and has thrown it open for everyone to come up with their routines as well.

The Swiss ace however did pick out a specific few like Toni Kroos, Virat Kohli, Bill Gates and Hugh Jackman among others to join him in his #TrainingFromHome challenge

Of course, he’s also asked everyone to stay at home!

"Here’s a helpful solo drill. Let’s see what you got! Reply back with a video and I’ll provide some tips. Choose your hat wisely," Federer tweeted.

Along expected lines, this got a few trying to imitate the maestro's drill. And while the responses produced some fresh ideas which Federer would surely enjoy, there were unfortunate attempts too.

This is not the first time that Federer has made fun, solo drills during the lockdown.