Fans Claim 2018 K-drama 'Terrius Behind Me' Predicted Coronavirus Outbreak

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Ever since the coronavirus disease broke out, netizens have been digging up literature and TV shows, which warned us about a similar viral pandemic.

Now, viewers of a Korean drama are sure that one of its subplots predicted the COVID-19 outbreak accurately.

In September of 2018, the drama called Terrius Behind Me or My Secret Terrius began airing. It had popular star So Ji-Sub in the lead playing a secret agent and had Jung In-Sun, Son Ho-Jun and Im Se-mi in other pivotal roles.

On the 53rd minute of the show’s 10th episode, viewers found that the show deals with a case of the manmade virus. A doctor can be seen explaining the case, saying that somebody has tweaked the coronavirus to “increase the mortality rate to 90 per cent”.

Hinting that some people were trying to use the muted virus as a biological weapon, the doctor adds that coronavirus’ usual incubation period of 2 to 14 days has also been tampered with, due to which now the virus directly attacks a person’s lungs within “just five minutes of being exposed”.

Although we have been spared from such extreme situation, the show also talked of MERS as the doctor explained that coronavirus, MERS, SARS and common flu “all fall in the same family with the same gene information” and that coronavirus causes respiratory disease.

Children in the show are also taught how to wash hands properly in order to prevent contraction. When asked if there is any cure to the disease, the doctor said “no cure or vaccine [was] available at the moment”.

People have taken to Twitter to point out the eerie similarities.