Fans Blame Burgers, Desserts & Sheesha Bar For Pak’s WC Defeat

India 336/5 and Pakistan 212/6.

That was the final score of the monumental India vs Pakistan World Cup face off.

And you don’t need to be an avid cricket lover to know that the winning score was made by India – the midnight crackers and the loud cheers would have brought you the news.

Yes, India won big against Pakistan at Manchester on Sunday, giving us all the reasons to celebrate

But we woke up to the most bizarre Pak fan theories next morning.

Fans say the reason Pakistan faced a terrible loss against India – by 89 runs – was not because India were so much better, or because of the interruption caused by rain. The culprit, according to them, were burgers and desserts and a sheesha bar.

Yep. Pakistan cricket fans have got hold of a video that they claim shows key members of its team enjoying a VERY late dinner with Shoaib Malik’s wife Sania Mirza also present at what the fans say was an outing the night before the match.

Naturally, Pakistani cricket fans have lost their marbles over it.

But what doesn’t make sense is that if Shoaib Malik has been partying around ahead of the India-Pakistan match, why would Pakistan skipper Sarfaraz Ahmed feel tired, which could be the cause of the huge yawn during Sunday’s match?

‘Yeh Mazak Ho Raha Hai?’

Pakistan cricket fans feel so betrayed by their team, that a viral video of a crying fan has garnered a lot of sympathy, even from this side of the border.

Sania Mirza Was There, So What?

And of course there was that random fan who kindly pointed out how Sania Mirza, who is married to Shoaib Malik, was also part of the said late dinner.

Previously, Mirza had called out a video circulating on Twitter after Pakistan’s loss against Australia. She clarified that she had no role in the outcome of the match with this savage response.

Well, we for one, we won’t ever get to know if the Pakistan team’s loss to India in the Sunday’s World Cup match was a direct result of the burgers and desserts they enjoyed. But fans do not seem to be getting over it anytime soon.

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