FanRoom Live Adds Ice T & Coco along with Morgan Fairchild and others to Star-Studded Winter/Spring Schedule

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FanRoom Live is setting up for another star-studded season jam-packed with celebs and entertainers for the winter and spring of 2021.

For those who don’t know, FanRoom Live is the passion project of award-winning actor, producer, and comedian Cedric the Entertainer and his partners Mich Faulkner and Jeff Krauss (IE Group). Working together, these entertainment masterminds created a cutting-edge online platform that connects actors, musicians, comedians, sports stars, and other popular figures with their biggest fans.

Virtual meet and greets let fans and supporters get face-to-face time with their favorite celebs in a town hall style meeting. These virtual sessions usually include Q and A sessions, so fans can ask all their burning questions and get answers straight from the source. It’s celeb access like you’ve never seen before, and it’s perfect for the COVID era.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, FanRoom Live has been able to rack up a long list of exciting entertainers to work with in the coming months, and we’ve got the exclusive lineup.

Fans can buy tickets now to spend some quality virtual time with soap opera star Morgan Fairchild who has appeared in popular television series including Happy Days, Friends, and Days of Our Lives.

Fairchild fanatics can even opt for a backstage pass ticket that gets them one-on-one time with the TV star, plus a recording of the session and a fun selfie photo op!

Lovebirds and singles alike can celebrate Valentine’s Day a little early this year, thanks to FanRoom Live. Ice T and Coco are hosting a virtual V-Day bash & Meet & Greet with new R&B singer ZIEME on the 11th of this month. They’ll be playing love songs off his new album, which drops in early February.

Fans of horror movies can rejoice because FanRoom Live has organized an event with two slasher flick icons: Scary Movie’s Dave Sheridan and Felissa Rose, known for her roles in the 1980’s Sleepaway Camp movie franchise. They’ll reminisce about their iconic roles and spill details on their newest project, an 80’s slasher throwback flick called Bloody Summer Camp.

And music fans better listen up, because FanRoom Live has also booked some rock and roll royalty in February. You can hang with Hollywood’s favorite session bassist and former Toto member, Leland Sklar. Grab your tickets to hear Sklar reminisce on countless hours in the studio with Grammy winners and Rock and Roll Hall of Famers like Phil Colins, Celine Dion, and James Taylor.

If you’ve been looking to bust the COVID boredom and spice things up, snag a FanRoom Live ticket today! And don’t forget to check back weekly, because their lineup is always changing. Check out for tickets.

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