Fancy Taco Bell? You Can Now Get Shashi Tharoor to Read Out Your Order
"Everyone should have Shashi Tharoor order Taco Bell for them," Hasan Minaj captioned his video.

Shashi Tharoor is getting a lot more millennial than you'd think. And comedian Hasan Minaj may have a hand in adding to it.

In a recent video posted on Twitter the The Patriot Act star and comedian could be seen teaching the Thiruvananthapuram MP millennial Internet lingo. Adding to Tharoor's already expansive vocabulary of words like 'Floccinaucinihilipilification,' Minaj taught him words like "fleek" "thicc" and "skrt skrt."

Turns out, it didn't end there.

In an Instagram video posted by Minaj, the comedian can be seen discussing Taco Bell in great detail with Tharoor.

"We all love Taco Bell, but when I order, I feel gross," Minaj says in the video. I feel like your voice would class it up a little bit."

After this, Minaj proceeds to hand over his phone and asks Tharoor to read out Minaj's usual order into the mic, so he could play it over the phone while ordering from Taco Bell.

The order consists of "Three bean burritos. One chicken chalupa. One nachos bell grande. Two doritos locos tacos. One Mountain Dew Code Red. And twenty packets of fire sauce."

"That is the Indian order, yeah, 20 packets of fire sauce." Tharoor laughs in the video.

At the end of it is a SoundCloud link where you can download Tharoor reading this order out and use it whenever you yourself fancy 20 packets of fire sauce.

"Everyone should have Shashi Tharoor order Taco Bell for them," Minaj captioned his video.